About me

My name is Olavo Lira, a short for Olavo de Andrade Lira Neto. I am Brazilian, born in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro in 1978 (yes, yes, I am getting old). Always passionate by technology, I decided to make a technical High School in a school called ORT Institute of technology, where I graduated my self as an electronic technician. After my High School I decided to continue my studies in the University. At first I got the idea to change and follow my parent's profession to become myself a physician... well this didn't turn so well as I couldn't get in the medical school, way to many people trying to get in and I can't say I was the most dedicated student...

After one wasted year I decided to come back to my original field of interest and, in 1997, I managed to enter in one of the best Universities in Rio, the Pontifical Catholic University, also called PUC-Rio, in the System Analyst course. It was no later then end of 2002 that I got my diploma. I finally became a System Analyst :)

In 1998, just after I started coursing the university, I discovered 2 passions in my life: Nature and photography, nobody can say those passions weren't meant to be toguether, and so it is. When I say nature I mean in all its facets: animals, plants, wonders of the nature and the universe. This has become more then my passion, it became my lifestyle.

Also during this year I started travelling the world with a backpack and a few bucks in my pocket. I visited lots of countries, such as England, Italy, Israel, Marroco, China and Philippines. It was in Hong Kong, China, that I bought my first SLR camera, an entry level Cannon EOS 888 for the Asian market. I was happy with the camera, until the digital cameras appear in the market. In 2003 I changed my analog SLR for a digital Sony compact. I stayed with compacts until 2009 where the DSLR started to be affordable to me again and I realized that compacts cameras couldn't take me to where I wanted to go with my pictures. I then decided to buy a Nikon D60, considered a essential DSLR, which is a pretty nice camera but it started again to be short in where I want to go with my pictures and, around 3 months after, I bought a Nikon D90, considered a advanced DSLR. I can say now that I will stick with it for a while, at least while the FX (Full Frame) and considered professional DSLR, is still too expensive for me.

Finally in 2010 I am coming back to the analog world and buying old analog cameras, assembling my own dark room and I also bought my first medium format camera: an Holga, with all its light leeks :)

This section wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention how lucky I am to have a beautiful family like mine.  My wife, Ana Cristina Tozzi Lira, also Brazilian, is always involved in humanity causes. She loves to work helping others and her plans include get graduated in Social Community Work in Toronto. We have a boy, Enzo Tozzi Lira, the first Canadian of the family, who is very happy and smart, and at last, but not least, we have a dog named Meg, a beautiful french poodle that fill with joy our home.

I could go for a little while with my story but it would leave me no space to tell you in person if we get to meet each other. So if you want, feel free to contact me. I am always open to meet interesting people and share experiences.