The Name of the Rose (1986)
Front Cover Actor
Sean Connery
Christian Slater
Movie Details
Genre Crime; Epic; Mystery
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud
Language English
Running Time 130 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Jean-Jacques Annaud's The Name of the Rose is a flawed attempt to adapt Umberto Eco's highly convoluted medieval bestseller for the screen, necessarily excising much of the esoterica that made the book so compelling. Still, what's left is a riveting whodunit set in a grimly and grimily realistic 14th-century monastery populated by a parade of grotesque characters. When not lurking in dark places or scuttling, half-unseen, in the omnipresent gloom, these bizarre Benedictines dedicate themselves to transcribing ancient manuscripts for their famous library, access to which is prevented by an ingenious maze-like layout. But a series of mysterious and graphically gruesome deaths attracts the attention of the Holy Inquisition, sent to root out heresy among the discontented scribes.

Enter Sean Connery as Franciscan investigator-monk William of Baskerville (the Sherlock Holmes connection made explicit in his name) and his naïve young assistant Adso (a youthful Christian Slater). The Grand Inquisitor Bernado Gui (F Murray Abraham) suspects devilry and gleefully prepares an auto-da-fé; but William and Adso, using Holmesian forensic techniques, uncover a much more human cause: the secrets of the library are being protected at a terrible cost. A fine international cast and the splendidly evocative location compensate for a screenplay that struggles to present Eco's multifaceted story even partially intact; Annaud's idiosyncratic direction complements the sinister, unsettling aura of the tale perfectly. --Mark Walker

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Format DVD
Region Region 1
Release Date 2003
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