Barabbas (1962)
Front Cover Actor
Anthony Quinn Barabbas
Silvana Mangano Rachel
Arthur Kennedy Pontius Pilate
Katy Jurado Sara
Jack Palance Torvald
Vittorio Gassman Sahak
Harry Andrews Peter
Ernest Borgnine Lucius
Valentina Cortese Julia
Arnoldo Foa Joseph of Arimathea
Movie Details
Genre Drama; Epic
Director Richard Fleischer
Studio British Lion Films
Language English
Running Time 140 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Adapted by Christopher Fry from the novel by Pag Langerkvist , Barabbas is a literate, well-mounted Biblical epic. Anthony Quinn stars as Barabbas, the thief who was pardoned in place of Jesus. For the rest of his life, the guilt-ridden criminal tries to justify his existence and to determine his place in the scheme of things. The film has its share of spectacular sequences-notably the burning of Rome-but what sticks in the mind are such personality-oriented vignettes as the stoning of Sara ( Katy Jurado ), the gladiatorial sadism of Torvald ( Jack Palance ), the self-righteous pomposity of Pontius Pilate ( Arthur Kennedy ), and the ultimate self-sacrifical demise of Barabbas himself. The film's unbilled Christ is played by Roy Magnano , the brother of Quinn 's second-billed costar Silvia Mangano . Watch for the genuine solar eclipse during the Crucifixion sequence (an effect that director Richard Fleischer spent several days preparing for). — Hal Erickson
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Region Region 1
Release Date 2003
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