Gloria (1999)
Front Cover Actor
Sharon Stone Gloria
Jean-Luke Figueroa Nicky
Jeremy Northam Kevin
Cathy Moriarty Diane
George C. Scott Ruby
Mike Starr Sean
Barry McEvoy Terry
Don Billett Raymond
Jerry Dean Mickey
Tony di Benedetto Zach
Movie Details
Genre Drama
Director Sidney Lumet
Studio Columbia Pictures
Language English
Audience Rating R
Running Time 120 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Director Sidney Lumet has remade the 1980 movie by his contemporary, John Cassavetes , casting Sharon Stone in the role of Gloria (portrayed in the original by Cassavetes' wife, Gena Rowlands ), a street-toughened woman sliding into middle age. When the neighbors are murdered by a group of mobsters, one of which is a former boyfriend, Gloria takes the couple's seven-year-old son ( Jean-Luke Figueroa ) on the run. In time, she learns why the boy's parents were killed, and maybe just a little about herself. Sidney Lumet , director of '70s classics Network and Dog Day Afternoon , focuses more on the relationship between Gloria and the boy than did the original. Coincidentally, this would make the film very similar to the Brazilian Central Station , released at virtually the same time. — Ron Wells
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Owner Olavo Lira
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
Release Date 2003
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1